Study / internship

Practical training & Internships while you study at KMU LOFT Cleanwater

We offer students practical trainings and the option to write their diploma, bachelors or masters thesis at KMU LOFT.

These are the qualifications:

Courses of study we are looking for at KMU LOFT
  1. Mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and mechatronics
  2. Business-Management
  3. Process engineering, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry or related courses of study
Number of semesters, time spent at KMU LOFT
  1. Ideally, you should have completed your 4th semester, and you should be willing to spend at 5-6 months at KMU LOFT.
Foreign languages
  1. We are an international company. Therefore, knowledge of foreign languages, especially English, French and Chinese, is very appreciated
The KMU LOFT soft factors
  1. You are committed, motivated, and you love to explore new fields and ideas.
What KMU LOFT offers
  1. You will assume responsibility at KMU LOFT and participate in ongoing projects. We will assign you to tasks and projects that are in line with your field of study and our objectives.

Please email your application and CV to We will come back to you with potential topics.