How KMU LOFT supports your specific application:

There are many applications and many types of wastewater from production processes in many industries. The task, however, is always the same: Treat contaminated wastewater in order to reuse it directly in the production process. We achieve this with our unique vacuum evaporation technology.

KMU LOFT has the right solution for your application.

cover picture: Metalworking Metalworking/Metal production

Typical kinds of wastewater: Emulsions, cooling lubricants

Cover Picture: Surface Technology Surface technology

Typical kinds of wastewater: Various surface process wastewaters

Cover Picture: Energy Production Energy production & Energy supply

Typical kinds of wastewater:  Cleaning water / boiler water

Cover Picture: Automotive Automotive / Aerospace

Typical wastewater types: Emulsions, cooling lubricants, aircraft de-icing liquid, washer fluids

Cover Picture: Pharma-/Chemie Pharmaceutical/Chemical/Petrochemical Industry/Cosmetics Solutions

Typical wastewater types: Plant and tank cleaning, wastewater from production processes

Cover Picture: Waste Disposal Waste disposal/Recycling/Remediation

Typical wastewater types: Process waters from metal recovery, metal recycling, waste minimisation

Food/Luxury Food/Animal Feed, Beverages Food/Luxury Food/Animal Feed, Beverages

Typical wastewater types: Plant and tank cleaning, water wastewater from production processes

Our KMU LOFT commitment to you

KMU LOFT Cleanwater GmbH is your professional and reliable partner for industrial wastewater treatment, wherever you are in the world. Our wastewater experts are ready to discuss your perfect wastewater treatment solution with you. Contact us here.

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