Evaporators for the treatment of washing waters

Evaporator systems are your first choice for a wastewater-free operation. Our KMU LOFT evaporators recover up to 98% re-usable high quality distillate, which can be reintroduced into the process cycle or led directly into the sewage system.

Water from parts washing stations

In die casting, high-quality light alloy wheels have to be washed after mechanical processing. The rinsing waters are cascaded and must be maintained constantly for optimum rinsing results and longer service life of the rinsing water.

Example of a KLC process diagram for part cleaning
opened evaporator KLC DESTIMAT

Wastewater cleaning

A DESTIMAT® LE 90 evaporator is installed next to the washing station. The evaporator continuously evaporates a minimum of 90 l/h from the first rinse to ensure that the distillate can be directly moved to the final rinse.

This constantly improves the quality of the water in production. When the washing station is down, bath maintenance continues, with thorough cleaning of the complete process water. The wastewater from cleaning is recycled without any need for chemicals and reused in the cleaning process.
Distillation of the process water increases cleaning efficiency and saves to up to 50% detergent. Application of this closed loop circuit can reduce fresh water consumption by up to 98%.

Process waters have much longer lifetimes and must be discarded much less frequently, significantly reducing transportation and disposal costs. The produced distillate flows directly back into the rinsing process. The remaining concentrate of approx. 1-2% is disposed of externally.

Application data
  1. Water from parts washing station
  2. DESTIMAT® LE 90 vacuum evaporator
  3. 70.6 ft³ / 2 m³ daily water treatment workload
  4. EUR 80,000 estimated annual savings
  5. Virtually wastewater-free operation is a strong ecological benefit

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