Food/Luxury Food/Animal Feed/Beverage Production

Industry Challenge

The wide range of production processes which have to comply to rigid hygienic guidelines characterizes these industries. Water consumption is high and the wastewaters can be very complex. They often contain all kinds of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and oils. These organic substances have a high chemical oxygen demand (COD). Evaporator technology produces a purified wastewater which can be re-introduced into the production cycle for efficient re-use and a sustainable resource management. As this purified wastewater complies with hygienic guidelines, it can also be led into the sewage system. approach offers significant economic and environmental advantages.

KMU LOFT Cleanwater GmbH offers fully integrated, perfectly customized solutions for the treatment of your wastewater, including pre- and post-treatment, to exactly meet your individual economic and ecological requirements and objectives.

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Wastewater treatment & disposal prevention

  1. Amount and composition of the wastewater are analyzed, the suitable evaporator solution and the appropriate pre- and post-treatment processes are selected.
  2. In a pre-treatment step, a coalescence separator or an oil-skimmer separates fats and oils.
  3. Chemical substances are eliminated from the wastewater in efficient chemical or physical processes.
  4. In post-treatment, organic substances can be removed by means of ultrafiltration, sterilisation or disinfection.
  5. The purified distillate can be returned to the production cycle.
  6. The very small amount of residual concentrate is disposed of externally.

Your benefits:

  • Water savings up to 98%Up to 98% water savings
  • High-quality distillate
  • Compliance with regulatory sewage discharge levels
  • Lower energy and operating costs
  • Significantly lower amounts of residual for disposal

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