Evaporators in metalworking

Evaporator systems are your first choice for a wastewater-free operation. Our KMU LOFT evaporator technology effectively cleans process wastewaters and produces up to 98% re-usable high-quality distillate. You can directly re-introduce this high-quality distillate into your industrial processes for efficient re-use or lead it into the sewage system.

Die casting

For easy removal of cast parts from their moulds and for mould cooling, water-soluble separating agents are used in zinc and aluminium casting. The seperating agent usually is prepared with 2% water. As a result, the wastewater of each casting process will contain varying amounts of separating agents. This water and hydraulic fluids from leaks are collected underneath the casting machines. These fluids must be disposed of as special waste at high cost or they must be cleaned with suitable treatment technologies to be led into sewage.

Opened evaporator KLC PROWADEST

How the wastewater is cleaned

Production wastewater is collected in a sufficiently sized wastewater receiving tank. The wastewater passes through an oil-sludge separator set in line upstream of the evaporator. The oil-sludge separtor pre-separates floating oil phases and sedimentable sludge. The aqueous phase is then processed in a KMU LOFT Cleanwater evaporator, type PROWADEST® 300/1. The evaporation of the wastewater progressively concentrates the dirt up to a minimum concentrate amount. A multi-stage separation system purifies the produced steam, which is then compacted by rotary blowers. The condensed steam keeps the wastewater inside the tube bundle heat exchanger at operating temperature. By releasing heat the steam condenses. The condensate leaves the system as a distillate. In a distillate post-treatment step, a coalescence separator separates the floating free oil phase (from highly volatile wastewater components) from the distillate. The produced distillate is reused in the the secondary cooling water circuit for cooling the plant. The residual amount of approx.
3-4% concentrate is disposed of externally.

Application data
  1. Wastewater containing separating agents
  2. PROWADEST® 300/1 vacuum evaporator
  3. 212 ft³ / 6 m³ daily water treatment workload
  4. EUR 80,000 estimated annual savings
  5. Virtually wastewater-free operation is a strong ecological benefit

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