Evaporators in paint preparation

Evaporator systems are your first choice for a wastewater-free operation. Our evaporators recover up to 98% re-usable high quality distillate, which can be reintroduced into the process cycle or led directly into the sewage system.

Water treatment in glass fitting

Superior quality, reliable performance and an attractive design - these are the requirements glass fitting products have to meet. During pre-treatment, fittings are degreased and protected with anti-corrosive agents, before they can be powder coated. This type of pre-treatment generates large amounts of wastewater, which must be appropriately treated for closed loop circulation and reuse.

Example for a KLC process diagram for glass fitting


The pre-treatment system processes glass fittings (from booth steel or aluminium) in six stages.

In order to achieve the two main targets - low operating cost and ultimate quality - the produced wastewater is treated with two different technologies: The heavily soiled rinsing water and the highly contaminated chemical baths are processed in a PROWADEST® / 90 evaporator (90 l/h capacity). This system produces a superior quality distillate, which can be re-used in the fitting rinsing cycle. The less soiled rinsing water is continuously deionised using a closed loop demineralisaton system.

Our special USP: This specific technology continuously guarantees ultimate part quality at high volume flow rates. Rinsing water from the demineralization system's regeneration is also treated in the existing evaporator system. Losses caused by evaporation in the system are supplemented by rainwater. The concentrates from evaporation, which amount to only approx. 2% of the total amount of rinsing water, are collected in a tank and disposed of.

Application data
  1. Water from pre-treatment
  2. PROWADEST® /90 vacuum evaporator
  3. 247 ft³ / 7 m³ daily water treatment workload
  4. Ultra high quality distillate, <25.4 µS/inch conductivity
  5. Wastewater-free operation is a strong ecological benefit

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