Waste disposal/Recycling/Remediation

Industry Challenge

The waste disposal, recycling and remediation industries produce a great variety of wastewaters. Water is an indispensable ingredient in many of these processes. Depending on the process, it can contain a whole variety of materials and substances. Typical types of metal industry wastewaters are process waters from metal recovery, metal recycling, and waste minimisation!

Our evaporator technology effectively cleans process wastewaters and produces up to 98% re-usable high-quality distillate. You can re-introduce this distillate into your industrial processes for efficient re-use. KMU LOFT develops fully integrated customized plants designed to meet your individual process and process water requirements.

Example of a 3D KLC floor plan
Solution: Wastewater treatment & disposal prevention
Example of a KLC process diagram
The KMU LOFT solution
  1. The production wastewater is collected in a wastewater receiving tank.
  2. The wastewater passes through an oil-sludge separator before entering the evaporator, which pre-separates floating oil and sedimentable sludge.
  3. The aqueous phase is processed in the KMU LOFT vacuum evaporator.
  4. A KLC-Airstar unit can be used for treating the exhaust.
  5. Any still remaining free oil phases in the distillate can be easily disposed of via coalescence separation.
  6. The generated distillate is returned to the production cycle or led into the sewage system.
  7. The very small amount of residual concentrate is disposed of externally.
Your benefits
  1. Up to 98% water savings
  2. Very high level of automation
  3. Consistent distillate quality
  4. High process reliability and high operational safety
  5. Reduced energy and operating cosLower energy and operating coststs
  6. Significantly lower amounts of residual for disposal

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