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Process water treatment with Evaporator Technology

Water is a very precious resource. We develop innovative solutions for the treatment of wastewater and fluids based on our patented vacuum evaporator technology to protect that resource. Our sytems create highly efficient, economical and almost wastewater free process cycles, with multiple economic and environmental benefits.
Vacuum evaporators do not only recyle treated wastewater for reuse it in your production process. They also help you minimise costs. With our technology you can recover and re-use valuable by-products of your wastewater.

KLC Evaporator - The core of our fully integrated, customized systems

KMU LOFT vacuum evaporators are the technology of choice for a wastewater-free business and for the extraction of very pure distillates from process water. Distillates generated with vacuum evaporation are virtually free of residual oil, heavy metals and other substances. Vacuum evaporators can be used to treat almost any process water, they are fully automatic and help you save precious energy and water resources.

 DESTIMAT®LE Verdampfer

Energy-saving distillation with
natural circulation

Perfectly suited for highly foaming process waters

KLC Peripherals

We offer additional pre-treatment and post-treatment processing options for process water treatment and further processing of the distillate. Some examples include neutralisation, oil separation, detoxification and sludge separation. These processes are perfectly adapted to your individual requirements and the system as a whole. They can be integrated into the system or added to the evaporator's peripherals.

Distillate and exhaust cooling, cleaning and minimisation of odour

Flow neutralisation for adjusting the      pH value of process water

desalination system

oil separation

The perfect solution for each and every industry

There are many applications and many types of wastewaters from production processes in many industries. Our task is to find and implement the perfect  solution to fit your individual requirements.

We address demanding issues with fully integrated customised solutions:
  1. We ensure that treated wastewater can be re-used as distillate in the production process. In this way we enable a wastewater-free closed loop cycle.
  2. Our vacuum evaporator treatment creates wastewater that can be introduced into any sewage system.
  3. Precious raw material such as copper contained in residual concentrates generated by vacuum evaporation can be recovered. Other substances such as oil can also be recovered for use as a source of energy or for sale.

KMU LOFT offers the right solution for your industry and application.

Chemical-physical process water cleaning with NOWAK Cleanwater

Together with our group member NOWAK Cleanwater we offer innovative chemical-physical wastewater process solutions. These solutions detoxify, neutralise and separate toxic substances which cannot be completely removed by evaporation, such as cyanide, CR6 or ammonium.
NOWAK precipitation and flocculation plants filter and separate critical substances before evaporation.

Industry 4.0 - Which role does wastewater treatment play here?

New technologies are changing our world, faster and faster. While the automotive industry is developing ever more efficient, safe and user-friendly cars, it is also looking at changing the way these new cars are produced. Our customized wastewater solutions help our customers increase their production efficiency by intelligent application of specific wastewater criteria.