If you want a wastewater-free cycle, our evaporation technology is your perfect choice. Our evaporators recover up to 98% reusable distillate, at such a high quality that you can either reintroduce it directly into your process cycle or lead it into the sewage system. All our evaporators feature ultimate flexibility, reliability and process safety, they are easy to use, and designed for 24/7 operation all year round.

KLC-Destimat LE

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Vacuum distillation system with natural circulation

The DESTIMAT® LE series comes with natural circulation. LE in the name stands for Low Energy. This set-up produces very low energy consumption and high-quality distillates, even with the most challenging types of wastewater.

An innovative multi-stage separation system, called cyclone separator, delivers optimum wastewater cleaning results, while ensuring operational safety of the vacuum pump and the entire system. In an internal process heat is exchanged from the distillate to the incoming wastewater, increasing the system's energy efficiency even further. The system does not require any additional heaters or pumps, lowering energy consumption and operating costs.

Designed for these process waters:
  1. Surface technology process water like chemical baths and rinsing water
  2. Cooling lubricants, emulsions
  3. Washing and cleansing waters
  4. Crack-test water
  5. Wastewater containing separating agents
  6. Penetrating agents

How much wastewater can be processed?

The DESTIMAT® LE series features different models from 9,323 ft³ to over 812,237 ft³ wastewater per year.

3d view of the evapaorator KLC-DESTIMAT

KLC-DESTIMAT® LE sample layout

Functional principle of the KLC-DESTIMAT

KLC-DESTIMAT® LE process diagram

KLC-DESTIMAT® features
  1. Ideally suited for challenging wastewater
  2. Ultra low energy consumption thanks to heat recovery
  3. Consistent performance in a wide concentration range
  4. Distillate and concentrate discharge with no additional pumps
  5. State-of-the-art touch screen control for user-friendly, intuitive operation
  6. Integrated on-demand cleaning system
  7. Available in special materials for even higher corrosion protection

KLC-DESTIMAT® accessories

KMU LOFT offers a range of effective pre-treatment and post-treatment options for process water and distillate, e.g. neutralisation, oil separation, detoxification, and sludge separation. We adapt these individual treatments to your specific requirements and your existing system. The treatments can either be integrated into the plant or they can be used as a fully automatic system solution in the evaporator periphery.
KMU LOFT offers a broad range of innovative operating supplies and accessoires. You find additional information on our operating supplies pages.