Pre- and finishing treatment

Wastewater treatment - the optimum for your process water

KMU LOFT offers a range of effective pre-treatment and post-treatment options for process water and distillate, e.g. neutralisation, oil separation, detoxification, and sludge separation. We adapt these individual treatments to your specific requirements and your existing system. The treatments can either be integrated into the plant or they can be used as a fully automatic system solution in the evaporator periphery.
KMU LOFT offers a broad range of innovative operating supplies and accessoires. You find additional information on our operating supplies pages.

Peripherie Produkt KLC Airstar KLC-Airstar

Distillate and exhaust cooling, cleaning and odour reduction

KLC-Belt Filter

Particles, sludge, and chip removal

Peripherie Produkt Durchlaufneutra KLC-DNA

Flow neutralisation for adjusting process water pH

Peripherie Produkt Stadtwasserkonditionierung KLC-TAWACO

Reverse osmosis desalination system


DI demineralization recirculation system

Peripherie Produkt Ölabtrennung KLC-ZPS

Coalescence-based oil separation

Our KMU LOFT commitment to you

KMU LOFT Cleanwater GmbH is your professional and reliable partner for industrial wastewater treatment, wherever you are in the world. Our wastewater experts are ready to discuss your perfect wastewater treatment solution with you. Contact us here.

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