KLC-Exhaust air treatment

KLC-Airstar combines distillate and exhaust air cooling with efficient exhaust air cleaning and odour minimisation.

The inside of  the KLC-AIRSTARS
Part of the KLC-AIRSTAR
View of the KLC-AIRSTAR

Cooling, cleaning and odour minimisation

KLC-AIRSTAR has been specifically designed for cooling the distillate and the exhaust air produced by our evaporator systems. The system almost completely eliminates all vaporous substances from the exhaust air through condensation. The evaporation of process waters can cause odours in the exhaust air.  KLC-AIRSTAR significantly reduces odour emissions from condensable odorants. Distillate cooling also ensures compliance with the temperature limits for introducing distillate into the sewage system. A cooler integrated into the cooling cycle releases the thermal energy extracted from the exhaust air and from the distillate to the surrounding air in an energy-saving process. KLC-AIRSTAR is ready-to-connect and can be directly integrated into the KLC evaporator series.


Special features
  1. Removes highly volatile substances and odours
  2. Compliance with emission limits
  3. Integrated cooling cycle with temperature control
  4. High energy efficiency heat exchanger for effective heat removal
  5. Customer does not need a cooling cycle
  6. Ready-to-connect and integrable into the evaporator control
  7. Extremely low noise