KLC – Flow neutralisation

Flow neutralization (DNA) adjusts the process water pH. The system is an important module for the protection of subsequent process steps.

Picture of the KLC-DNA flow-through neutralisation
View of the KLC-DNA neutralisation tank

Efficient neutralization with corrosion protection

KLC flow neutralization (DNA) protects subsequent process steps and prevents corrosion in the evaporator. The highy efficient system adjusts the pH value of the process water, quickly neutralizing acidic pH values. A neutral pH is required for the evaporation process. A pH electrode continuously monitors the pH of the incoming process water. The system automatically adds alkali when required. An integrated stirring device ensures continuous blending. pH set-point and limit can be individually configured. The modular KLC-DNA is delivered ready for connection, integration into new and existing processes is very easy. KLC-DNA can also be used as a receiver tank. KLC-DNA control is integrated into the KLC evaporator control. Tank sizes comply with the KLC evaporator's volume requirements.

Special features
  1. Corrosion protection for long durability of downstream equipment
  2. Integrated level measurement and overfill protection for ultimate operational safety
  3. Automated dosing and automated control for shorter neutralisation times
  4. Ultra easy operation
  5. pH adjustment
  6. Tank made from durable plastics (PP) with snap-on lid
  7. Can also be used for pH reduction