KLC-Belt filter in pre-treatment

The KLC-BELFI is a compact module for the continuous separation of solids from process water. After solid separation the water is then fed into the KLC evaporator.


High-efficiency continuous separation of solids

The KLC-Belt Filter (BELFI) is a compact module for the continuous separation of solids from process water. The process water is then fed into the KLC evaporator. The contaminated process water is guided through a gull onto a fleece-lined filter belt. The solids settle and solidify in a filter cake on the belt. The filtrate, which is now free of solids, passes into the filtrate tank where it is stored. As more solids build up in the filter cake, the liquid level in the filter bed rises, until a level switch triggers the motor to move the used belt portion to provide a new, clean fleece filter surface. The used fleece is fed into the sludge tank. Various fine filters options or fleece variations are available for all types of filtration requirements. The filtrate tank can be used as process water storage for the evaporator. Provisions are made for modular integration of the belt filter into the treatment process and into the KLC evaporator control.

Special features

  • High-quality, compact stainless steel design for long service life
  • Low maintenance, easy to use, easy belt exchange
  • Automatic feed for optimum filter fleece use
  • High operational safety with integrated filtrate collecting tank with built-in level measurement and overfill protection
  • Modular integration into evaporator control
  • Available with fleece monitoring and feed pump

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