Turnkey Solutions

KMU Loft will always deliver you a fully integrated, turnkey solution, from a single source, perfectly tailored to meet your individual needs. We will be right at your side from planning to integration into your existing processes and implementation, allowing you to focus on what really counts:

Your success in your core business.

Expert advice & support

We know that every wastewater is different. This is why expert advice and support is of utmost importance for us. We want to provide you with the best possible solution that meets both your technical requirements and your expectations in terms of profitability and environmental protection. Our expert teams bring decades of extensive experience in a wide range of industries to your project. They understand your industry and your requirements and they know how to efficiently and reliably meet your needs and wishes. Our sales, service, applications and process engineering experts are right at your side from first point of contact to final installation and throughout the entire lifecycle of your system.

KLC offers complete solutions

Technical Analysis

There are no two wastewaters alike: This is why we perform extensive testing on your wastewater before we design your new system. We draw on our extensive analysis capacities in our own KMU LOFT labs and on pilot tests with latest KMU LOFT systems to determine the properties, composition and degree of pollution of your wastewater. If yours is a completely new application, or if you run large amounts of wastewater, we are happy to bring one of our modern KMU LOFT test systems to your site. Based on the data we find, we develop a customized solution for the safe treatment of your specific wastewater.

Your Advantages
  1. Lab analysis protocols executed in KMU LOFT laboratories
  2. Pilot tests on KMU LOFT systems
  3. We bring our latest KMU LOFT test systems to your on-site tests


We use your specific wastewater set-up and data as a basis for developing a tailor-made evaporator system that will exactly meet your individual requirements. We plan any peripheral equipment set-up needed for pre- and/or post-treatment of your wastewater. We develop process schematics, installation plans and CAD-supported 3D drawings to design a customized system solution for you. Our application engineering, design, control and programming experts work together as a team to guarantee a cost-optimised, reliable and timely planning process for you that will ensure safe and failure-free operation of your equipment.

Your Advantages
  1. An innovative solution for your individual requirements
  2. Your one stop planning partner
  3. Clear and easy to use documentation


Sustainably treating your process waters with our evaporation technology will help you realize attractive cost savings, ecology and economy alike. We will plan a fully individualized wastewater treatment concept for you. And we will be glad to help you with any financing issues. Benefit from our long systems engineering expertise all across Europe and the world.

Please talk to us about our KMU LOFT:
  1. Rental options
  2. Leasing options
  3. Financing options

Our KMU LOFT commitment to you

KMU LOFT Cleanwater GmbH is your professional and reliable partner for industrial wastewater treatment, wherever you are in the world. Our wastewater experts are ready to discuss your perfect wastewater treatment solution with you. Contact us here.

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